B.Tech (1995), Civil Engg., IIT Kharagpur, India.
M.Sc (1999), Information Systems Engg., University of Reading, UK.
CSM and CSP, Certified Scrum Master and Practitioner.

Srinivas is an independent coach, consultant and trainer. He has had significant experience in contributing to development practices, which raise the level of speed and quality of construction. His activities are mainly centred on coaching teams on Scrum, TDD (Test Driven Development) and providing project management advice. One of a handful of CSPs in India, Srinivas has very significant experience and expertise in coaching teams and helping companies adopt Scrum. He is also well versed with software metrics and helps organisations understand and use the right metrics for the right reasons.

With over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry playing various roles, he is able to quickly understand the project context and engage with key stakeholders. He has lead development teams following XP and Scrum and has had occasion to work in four countries (India, UK, USA, and Ireland). He is the lead instructor of the CSD course (Asia’s first) in which TDD is a central module. He has been a process consultant/coach and trainer for several companies including Algorthym, Cisco, Nokia, PTC, Oracle, Scope, Yahoo! as well as Zensar. Srinivas is associated with Goodagile, the top company for Scum consulting in all of Asia, a member of the Scrum Alliance, and is well known in the Scrum community.

He writes a blog which explains and provides tips on Scrum and related topics. He is an avid reader, a random traveller and occasionally likes to cook, at which point he is forced to eat his mistakes.



B.E (1995), Electrical Engineering, University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore
CSM Certified Scrum Master (

Payal is a Scrum coach with 19 years of experience in the IT industry, both in India and the US. She had been a programmer, analyst, team lead, project manager, scrum master/coach & delivery manager in her pre-consultant days. She has worked in companies like Rapidigm, ACI worldwide, Fujitsu Consulting India. Her solid grounding in Scrum principles, practices, roles and rules meant she was a sought out expert regarding Scrum for many small as well as large size projects in product development and services companies. In her last employment she was a coach and advisor to Project managers on Scrum based projects; Here she interacted with the PM community in a Japanese MNC across different engagement types (Direct/ Indirect, FP / T&M). As a head of PM COE, Payal groomed 100+ Project managers and was key contributor in bringing visible change in the maturity level of project execution. The improvement methods were based on Scrum tools (e.g Burndown charts). She has also played a role of Consultant to Delivery managers for effective e-governance.



Nirmalya has spent about 20+ years in the area of software technology and applications, in roles that range from Software Engineer to Engineering Operations Lead and from Senior Technical Staff to PreSales participant. A technologist at heart, and a programmer all along, he has worked closely with CTOs, Engineering VPs and Customer Support Heads in many of these roles. He believes that in all stages from conceptualization to delivery of a software solution, precise and timely communication (verbal / written) with all the stakeholders is key to its success. He has stayed in Ireland for ~5 years earlier (1999-2003) working for companies like Trintech Technologies and IONA technologies. In the recent past (4 to 6 years), he has been focusing on areas of application which depend on Server-side stack bearing “reduced latency/high throughput” characteristics. Nirmalya believes that he is a good fit for the roles where he gets to work closely with Engineering/ Product Management/CTOs’ office, in StartUp/small/medium companies, contributing substantially in areas including: Understanding business imperatives and blueprinting the technical solution Exploring current Open Source technology landscape and experimenting to arrive at alternatives Helping to determine the right architecture and design, acceptable to major stakeholders Programming (handson) and supplementing development, testing and support effort Nirmalya is also very interested in passing on lessons of experience to the younger generation and therefore is a coach. In this capacity he grooms programmers and designers to be comfortable with a Scrum/XP way of working, while improving technically. He is an Europhile and has travelled around the continent to only half his hearts content. He enjoys a good read and the sound of music from across the world.




Vijay has about 16 years of experience, much of it in Siemens (software development unit). Vijay’s energetic training sessions have taught hundreds of people the core and advanced ideas of Scrum/Agile. His work on Agile Productivity is published as white paper and he also is a regular writer on Scrum Alliance and is appreciated by many. He helped software teams working in embedded, healthcare, Infrastructure, Safety and network security related projects etc. to transition to agile. He has successfully transitioned projects in challenging environments to a Scrum mode. He has coached teams across India, USA and Germany.



Masters, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India Vikas is the Principal Architect and software craftsman at Knoldus. In his 16 years of experience he has become a recognized speaker, mentor, and practitioner in the software industry. Vikas is a pioneering XP practitioner in India and also a Scrum expert. He has been instrumental in Agile adoption at various organizations. He is a significant contributor of the book ?Mind the Gap? which specializes on adopting Agile and leveraging Scrum for distributed teams. He is also a contributor to the distributed scrum primer(

He has coached numerous teams on the best practices of software development including teams at Saba, Ericsson, Cognizant and Fiserv. He is one of the few Certified Scrum Practitioners (CSP) in India, is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) as well as a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). Vikas is an Agile community editor on InfoQ, where he posts weekly about the latest and greatest in the Agile community. He has presented at various Technology conferences and written articles on Software development on ‘Agile Journal’ and ‘The Server Side’. He is responsible for product development, exploring new and promising technologies, exploring best practices of distributed software development and contributing to the technology road-map for the organization.

He is a technologist at heart and is never too far away from the keyboard. He actively blogs on his personal site and his company site. Vikas is very familiar with the latest development tools and their use, which will supply a substantial boost to development teams.