Invitation to potential Collaborators

We have been working in India since 2006, in the field of coaching. We would like to collaborate with authentic partners from Europe, UK, the antipodes and the Americas. Since many (client)organisations work across continents, any coaching provided to such clients should ideally be aligned. A known collaborator would be of great mutual benefit.

Our preferred collaborators:

  • Have been coaching/consulting/training clients to adopt Scrum and XP practices since atleast 2010.
  • Have clients with development teams across India and on-shore.
  • With capabilities to enable clients beyond just “doing agile”, in other words help clients with larger goals; For example enabling innovation, improving quality.

What we don’t do:

SAFe implementation. It is safe, but for the status quo. SAFe encourages S/W dev groups to dilute the application of Scrum and complementary practices. SAFe is also an enormous framework with a lot of jargon, certainly not light-weight. DAD is another slumber-inducing framework. LeSS is more tolerable, which has good ideas, and we are open to.

[There is more we can say about this, than either patience or time permit here, but we have largely been indifferent to the plethora of “agile”-bodies and certification rackets, which have sprung up over the last few years.]

Disclosure: We were an REP, and have recently withdrawn; We are no longer associated with ScrumAlliance or any other “agile”-associations.