Scrum and TDD are radically different and improved means of developing software; therefore should be learnt from experienced practicing experts. Scrum is at a project management level and is the best approach to managing software delivery projects. While understanding Scrum is necessary it isn’t sufficient. Good technical skills and approaches, particularly TDD and CI are also necessary for sustained success.

We offer only private/corporate training classes, Certified as well as non-certified customised training. For booking private classes email us.

CeeZone Training Salient features:

  • Experienced instructors who teach as well as practice
  • Three pass approach
    • Intro/overview
    • Details
    • Experience
  • Course content filtered by importance and based on experience of realities

These courses are a first step towards Scrum induction, the best known project management approach to s/w development. They cover the basics of Scrum practices, roles and rules. The reasoning behind the rules as well as the principles of Scrum are explained.

The one day Scrum course is basic and it is for the whole team starting off on Scrum. The two day course, built on top of the one day course is more comprehensive, and of interest to ScrumMasters, Product Owners as well as managers.

These courses will cover the what, why and how of TDD. Any of these enables programmers to be significantly better developers by helping them deliver high-quality systems faster and be a valued contributor to Scrum teams.

The one day course provides an overview and some experience; This course may also be attended by managers who are not particularly allergic to coding. The two day course is more comprehensive, with significantly more hands-on for the participants and also introduces the closely related practice of refactoring. The three day course is the most complete and provides a deeper experience of TDD as well as refactoring, with more hands-on exercises. In addition some knowledge of other related practices is provided.

User Story Advantage(one day/two day) icon-pdf
The user story advantage is a unique course, ideally suited for product development companies, helping product owners and teams to develop user centric products by learning how to obtain incremental innovation.

These courses have been provided to more than 100 batches over the last four years. We have incorporated feedback, made improvements based on each others comments and difficulties faced by participants. We’ve also updated exercises to provide a real grasp of these new approaches, as well as, kept material current. Incidentally we have taught Asia’s first CSD technical track (under the aegis of GoodAgile) since early 2011.

Terms and Conditions

Public training:

  1. Payment to be made in full atleast 10 days in advance (net booking only).
  2. Previous consulting clients may use email channels to book (talk to us).
  3. Participants attending in personal capacity can email for special benefits.

Private training:

  1. Exclusive in-company training (Normally not cost effective for less than 15 people).
  2. Premises to be arranged by organisation (off-site preferred).
  3. Needs to be confirmed at-least 30 days in advance.
  4. Travel and accommodation, if applicable, to be arranged by client or costs to be borne in full by organisation and be paid in full at-least 7 days in advance.