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"CSD training from the best specialist instructors in the country"

Certified Scrum Developer

CeeZone offers the Certified Scrum Developer accredited by ScrumAlliance

Succeeding with Scrum depends on some crucial capabilities that teams need to have. They include the ability to:
  1. Break down functionality into small blocks which fit into sprints
  2. Develop high quality software
  3. Develop software which can be changed relatively effortlessly
  4. Create a suite of automated tests each sprint for an ever growing regression pack
The CSD course ultimately helps you and your team achieve project success by providing a leg-up. Without these abilities each sprint will be a struggle.

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CeeZone CSD Salient points and methodology

You obtain genuinely high quality instruction and material due to:

Contents inspected and vetted by ScrumAlliance

Contents (including exercises) inspected and vetted by leading Scrum experts appointed by ScrumAlliance. These experts have inspected our material and provided feedback whcih has been incorporated to improve the course material

Specialist, qualified instructors

Arguably the most specialist, experienced and qualified Instructors in the country; Each instructor has experience of many projects, situations, countries, domains, platforms and organisations. We have been educated to master's level in very well respected institutions in India and abroad.

Three pass approach

There is a lot of new material for participants to absorb and common myths to be debunked. Also many of the topics are linked. Therefore our courses are conducted in three passes, where we explain the material at different levels and also have the class experience these practices.
  1. Overview (what and why)
  2. Detailed instruction (How to practice and tips)
  3. Experiential (long exercise and de-brief)
We first provide an overview of the topics talking about the terms briefly, why they are important and how they all fit in. Next we take participants through each practice in detail while explaining the principles they rely on. We usually provide small exercises along the way to drive home the main points. Finally we have the class do a longer more realistic exercise in groups to experience the application of these practices themselves.

Honed by internal and external feedback from multiple classes

These courses have been provided to more than 100 batches over the last four years. We have incorporated feedback, made improvements based on each others comments and difficulties faced by participants. We've also updated exercises to provide a real grasp of these new approaches, as well as, kept material current. Incidentally we have taught Asia's first CSD technical track (under the aegis of GoodAgile) since early 2011.

CSD benefits for you and your team

The development world has moved on, waterfall is no longer an acceptable manner of developing software (at least within leading development teams). These certified courses by CeeZone accredited by ScrumAlliance provides a means to replace the waterfall with modern approaches (at both management and technical levels). Hence you gain:
  1. An understanding of principles and practices of Scrum
  2. A through grounding in modern technical practices, including TDD & CI
  3. Know-how to apply these practices in your current projects
For other benefits see http://www.scrumalliance.org/pages/certified_scrum_developer.


Introduction to Scrum INR 8,750/- 1 day
Modern Technical practices (TDD, refactoring, etc)INR 29,750/- 3 days
Working with Legacy code INR 8,750/- 1 day
Total Cost INR 47,250/- All 5 days
Complete CSD package INR 43,250/- All 5 days
The Prices above include Certification cost of ScrumAlliance. 12.36% Service Tax extra

It is recommended that the modules are taken in order.
  • Introduction to Scrum
  • Modern technical practices
  • Working with Legacy code
However you can take them at different times of the year, or even different cities. You'd have to pay the full listed price for the first two modules in full at time of booking. The last module is where you can avail a discount. If you are a CSM from Goodagile, we'd be happy to offer a 10% discount; send an email.

CSD Course Modules:

It is recommended that they are taken in the order listed below, even though they may be staggered

Introduction to Scrum Introduction to Scrum
Modern technical practices practice and tips to Scrum
Working with Legacy code Experiential Exercises to Scrum

Upcoming Courses:

Coming soon as part of Objectbay