We are a group of consultants, trainers and coaches serving clients in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and other cities. We help clients with modern software management and development practices, also called “agile”. Each of us has over 15 years of experience, remarkable in breadth and depth.

We have worked in highly regarded companies, been consulted by and/or trained the likes of Y!, S1, Saba, Nokia, EMC2, Credit Suisse and Authoria, amongst many others. We have been educated to Masters level at highly rated institutes in India and abroad, then continue to build on top of that as we learn and teach.

We are now a Scrum Alliance REP


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Scrum & Innovation, 10th September 2016. 9:30 am to 6:30pm, Pune

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CeeZone Consulting is enabling a network security products company in their endeavour to be become a big league player worldwide. We are helping them transition to Scrum for competitive advantage. In recent months CeeZone has engaged with a couple of senior coaches to strengthen offerings to those software development organisations who wish to seriously raise their game.